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LMIA Immigration Consultant

Expert LMIA application assistance for Canadian employers recruiting foreign workers.

Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCIC-IRB)

Proudly regulated by and in good standing with the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC). Jamie Dowla, registration #: R507233.


Secure Your Ideal Workforce With Our LMIA Consultants

If you're looking to navigate the complexities of hiring a foreign worker and require a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), CanDo Recruitment is here to assist you.

Our seasoned consultants are with you at every step of the LMIA process, from conducting initial LMIA assessments to preparing detailed applications that meet all regulatory requirements. Once the LMIA application has been approved, we will guide you through the work permit process for your employees and assist with all aspects of the immigration process, including logistics such as air travel and accommodation arrangements for your future employees.

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Helping You Navigate Every Step of the LMIA Process

CanDo Recruitment will guide you through every aspect of the process with precision and care to ensure a successful outcome.


Recruitment Efforts

CanDo Recruitment will guide you in effectively demonstrating your attempts to recruit suitable Canadian candidates, ensuring your documentation meets the requirements for hiring a foreign worker.


LMIA Application

We submit the LMIA application on your behalf, providing detailed information about the job, the sufficient recruitment efforts made to hire locally, and the impact on the Canadian job market.


Assessment and Decision

The Canadian government assesses and analyzes the application, considering all necessary factors. When the application is approved, you receive a positive LMIA, indicating that you can hire a foreign worker.


Foreign Worker Receives Job Offer

Once you obtain a positive LMIA, the formal job offer is sent to the foreign worker, and the work permit application begins with CanDo Recruitment’s support.


Work Permit Approval

Once the work permit is approved, the foreign worker receives authorization to work in Canada for the specified employer and position.


Coordinate Relocation Arrangements

CanDo Recruitment will help with all the logistical aspects of bringing your new employee to Canada.


Our LMIA Success, Told by Those Who've Experienced It

why us

Why Trust CanDo With Your Positive LMIA Application

For over 35 years, CanDo Recruitment has specialized in offering successful immigration consulting services grounded in our core values of excellence, honesty, passion, and respect. 

Our team of immigration consultants is dedicated to delivering exceptional LMIA services, ensuring each application is meticulously prepared to meet the stringent requirements set by the Canadian government.

+3,500+ Successful LMIA Applications

Our immigration consultants have demonstrated experience and expertise in navigating the intricate Canadian immigration system and labour market. It’s our mission to deliver positive outcomes for Canadian employers and foreign workers.

We’re Here For You Every Step of the Way

With CanDo Recruitment, you have a dedicated partner committed to facilitating every aspect of bringing your international talent to Canada, ensuring a smooth transition for you and your future employees.

A Tailored Approach to Your LMIA Challenges

We recognize that each LMIA application is unique, reflecting the diverse needs of Canadian employers. Our specialized LMIA consultants collaborate directly with you to develop a customized approach that maximizes your chances of a successful LMIA application.

Guiding You with Transparency and Trust

Our team of dedicated LMIA consulting experts is committed to leading you through each phase of the process with unwavering honesty and integrity. We keep the lines of communication open, guaranteeing you're thoroughly briefed at every stage of the LMIA process.


CanDo Recruitment

As a Canadian-certified Foreign Worker Recruitment Services company, we are committed to facilitating seamless workforce solutions for businesses across Canada. In the face of a challenging economic landscape marked by a shortage of specialized talent in various industries, we are your strategic partner in addressing this crucial need.

Partner with us at CanDo Recruitment, where excellence meets efficiency in building the workforce that propels your business to new heights.

  • Advertising on job boards and career sites
  • Sorting resumes and contacting potential candidates
  • Pre-screening candidates according to skills and experience required for the job
  • Arranging interviews for employers with candidates
  • Assisting employers and candidates with the immigration process through an affiliated company

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Find Your Dedicated LMIA Consultant Wherever You Are Located in Canada

We assist clients across Canada with LMIA applications. See the cities below to find your regulated Canadian immigration consultant.


Hire a Foreign Worker

Let CanDo Recruitment’s LMIA experts help you through every step of your LMIA application.


Frequently Asked Questions

When is an LMIA needed?

An LMIA is a document issued by the Canadian Government to assess the impact of hiring a foreign worker on the Canadian labour market. The LMIA is a crucial component of the hiring process and is required in most cases before a Canadian employer can hire a foreign worker. The LMIA process requires you to justify the hiring of a foreign worker and its positive or neutral impact on the Canadian labour market.

However, certain job categories may be exempt due to international agreements or industry exemptions. The International Mobility Program (IMP), is one such exception which allows employers to hire temporary foreign workers without an LMIA. Other exceptions include those coming to Canada on an open work permit or as part of an intra-company transfer.

What happens when the LMIA application is refused?

When a Labour Market Impact Assessment application is refused, the Canadian government has determined that the job offer does not meet the requirements for hiring a foreign worker. This can happen for various reasons, such as the inability to prove a genuine need for a foreign worker to fill the job or failure to demonstrate that efforts have been made to hire Canadians or permanent residents first.

If you want to reapply, you must address the issues that led to the refusal. This might involve providing additional documentation, revising the job advertisement, increasing the offered wage to meet or exceed the prevailing wage, or demonstrating more thoroughly that no Canadian worker is available. After addressing the issues identified in the refusal letter, you can prepare and submit a new LMIA application.

What is the processing time for an LMIA application?

The processing time for an LMIA application varies depending on several factors, including the type of application, the specific industry or sector, the location of the job, and the overall demand for LMIAs at the time of the application. Generally, processing times can range from a few weeks to several months if the candidate meets the requirements.

For how long is an LMIA valid?

An LMIA is typically valid for six months from the date of issue, meaning the employer has six months to use the LMIA to hire a foreign worker. Within this period, the foreign worker must apply for their work permit, using the LMIA as part of their application.

Who is responsible for paying the LMIA fees?

The employer is legally responsible for paying the LMIA application fee. This fee cannot be passed on to the foreign worker.