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Caregiver Immigration Pilot

Technological progress has been improving medicine and science worldwide, resulting in an increase in the number of people living longer. As the elder population grows, the demand for health care professionals also tends to raise. Senior persons need more care and are, most of the time, unable to look after themselves. Caregivers play an important role at this stage.

In Canada, health care providers are in high demand mainly because of the aging population but also due to labour shortage.

There are plenty of job opportunities here for caregivers, including positions as childcare providers, nurses, attendants for persons with disabilities, home support workers, live-in caregivers, personal care attendants, and so forth.

Either you are a health care student or worker already in Canada or you are outside the country and intend to work here as a caregiver, learn which is the proper pathway to get your work permit and permanent residency:

Workers from overseas

International workers or students living outside Canada can only apply to work here as a healthcare professional through the Home ChildCare Provider Pilot and Home Support Worker Pilot.

The Pilots are designed for foreign nationals in the healthcare field aiming to become Canadian permanent residents.

Home Child Care Provider Pilot   Home Support Worker Pilot  
NOC 4411 Child care provider, live-in caregiver, and nanny positions  

NOC 4412 Attendant for persons with disabilities, home support worker, live-in caregiver, and personal care attendant positions

The Pilots’ eligibility criteria are:

  • A job offer from a Canadian employer for a full-time position in one of the occupations above
  • Minimum score of CLB 5 in English or NLCL 5 in French in all language skills (writing, reading, listening, speaking)
  • Completed post-secondary education of at least one year in Canada or equivalent, if completed outside Canada.
  • Ability to do the work, considering workers’ previous experience and training

Applicants with no previous work experience in Canada in one of the eligible occupations can still apply for one of the Pilots.  The application will be held until the applicant proves having completed the 2 years of qualified work experience in Canada, within 3 years after the applicant’s work permits are issued.

Work Permit

Applicants with less than 2 years of qualified experience must apply at the same time for a work permit along with the application for permanent residency under the Caregiver Pilots. After the IRCC positive response on the application pre-assessment (first stage), the applicant will be granted an occupation-restricted open work permit, valid for three years. Occupation-restricted means that the applicant cannot work in occupations other than the one the applicant has applied for.

Accompanying spouses and dependents at 18 years of age or over are eligible for an open work permit with the same validity as the principal applicant. Minor dependents are eligible for a study permit. They can apply from outside Canada only if the caregiver’s work permit has been approved in writing before they entered Canada.

Workers in Canada

Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP)

Families and private household employers can apply for a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) to hire a caregiver since the professional is already in Canada under a valid work or study permit. The employer needs to meet certain criteria to apply for an LMIA.

There are also specific requirements for health professionals to work in Canada temporarily. Previous experience, education and training may be requested depending on the occupation.

A positive LMIA allows the worker to extend the work permit or the student to apply for a new work permit through the Temporary Foreign

Worker Program (TFWP).

Employers can apply for LMIA to hire:

Caregivers for children (under 18 years of age) including childcare providers, live-in caregivers, nanny positions (NOC 4411).

Caregivers for people with high medical needs (elderly persons, 65 years of age or over, and people with disabilities, a chronic or terminal illness), including positions such as a registered nurse or registered psychiatric nurse (NOC 3012), licensed practical nurse (NOC 3233), and attendant for persons with disabilities, home support worker, live-in caregiver, personal care attendant (NOC 4412).

Permanent Residency

As a caregiver, whether you want to stay in Canada and become a permanent resident, you can apply for the Home Child Care Provider Pilot or the Home Support Worker Pilot. The criteria are the same for workers inside and outside Canada. Check above the requirements for the Pilots.

CanDo assists you and your employer with the proper documentation and applications for LMIA, work permit, and permanent residency.