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The LMIA - Labour Market Impact Assessment -  is a crucial document issued by the Canadian Government to assess the impact of hiring a foreign worker on the Canadian labor market. The LMIA is required in most cases before a Canadian employer can hire a foreign worker.

 Jobs Exempt from LMIA

You may be exempt from LMIA requirements for Express Entry if your current temporary job is LMIA-exempt and meets specific criteria, such as being covered by:

  1. International Agreements:  CUSMA or GATS, including professionals, traders, and investors.

  2. Canada-Provincial/Territorial Agreements:  Particularly applicable to projects deemed as "significant investments."

  3. "Canadian Interests" Reasons:  "Significant benefit" jobs, proving your contribution to Canada's social, cultural, or economic landscape. Examples include self-employed professionals, workers with specialized knowledge in intra-company transfers, those under Mobilité francophone, reciprocal employment scenarios, and individuals in programs like International Experience Canada.

  4. Designated by the Minister:  Academics, researchers, guest lecturers, and visiting professors sponsored through recognized federal programs.

  5. Competitiveness and Public Policy: Various roles, including medical residents, fellows, post-doctoral fellows, academic award winners from Canadian schools, and individuals engaged in charity and religious work (excluding volunteers).


It's important to note that even jobs exempt from LMIA still require a valid work permit. Our goal is to guide you through the process, ensuring compliance with the criteria outlined on this page. 


 LMIA Exemptions for Express Entry

Exemption Criteria:

  • If you have been employed full-time by the same employer on your work permit for a minimum of 1 year (or equivalent part-time work).
  • Possession of a valid job offer and a valid work permit exempt from LMIA under various categories:
    • International agreements
    • Federal-provincial agreements
    • The "Canadian interests" category

Additional Details:

  • Skilled trade jobs allow up to two employers to make a job offer, requiring employment with both.

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