Invest in Canada

Investors: Canada is the right place for your investments! Opening or purchasing a business in Canada is a great option international entrepreneurs who want to immigrate but do not have a job offer from a Canadian employer and do not want or qualify to study. Besides the advantages of owning a business in the country, a foreign investor will have many opportunities of settling in Canada and becoming permanent resident after operating a business here. Learn more about how to immigrate to Canada as an investor.

What do I need to open or purchase a business in Canada for immigration purposes?

Enough funds to buy or open and run the business, according to the business you are purchasing or in compliance with the minimum amount established in the immigration program you are applying for

In most cases, a few years of business management and/or ownership experience

Ability to communicate in English

Why should I open or purchase a business in Canada?

Growing population: Canada and focus on growing his population to strengthen its economy and receives hundreds of thousand immigrants per year.

High demand for services: with the population growing, the demand for services expansion and new services in Canada exponentially increases.

Pro-Immigration policies: Canada has currently almost 30 business immigration programs, either federal or provincial, all of them a different pathway for permanent residency.


Work Permit to Permanent Residence (WP2PR) stream for Canada Business Visa

The Work Permit to Permanent Residence (WP2PR) stream is an innovative, multi-step process that helps investors/entrepreneurs come to Canada and qualify for permanent residence quickly.

Developed by CanDo Canadian Immigration Services, it is an exceptional Canadian work visa and permanent residence option for individuals who want to start or operate a Canadian business.

Although WP2PR is not a widely known Federal or Provincial immigration program that you will easily find on the government website, it is a great strategy to quickly achieve permanent residence status for entrepreneurs based on the current Canadian immigration rules, regulations, policies, and procedures.

WP2PR is more flexible than the Federal Start-up Visa program and the Provincial Nominee Programs for business owners. It is also one of the fastest ways to get permanent residency.

CanDo will assess your eligibility, make recommendations on your best options, develop a personalized strategic action plan, and explain how the firm can represent you throughout the entire process.

What we CAN DO for you

WP2PR can be one of the best immigration options for many investors/entrepreneurs and their families. Under the WP2PR stream, there are no complicated performance agreements with the government. Currently, no minimum net worth requirements are set, however, you should have the financial ability to start and operate a business and settle in Canada. You should also be able to communicate in English or French.

In addition to assistance with the immigration applications under the WP2PR Canada Business Visa Stream, we can help you with:

Identifying suitable business opportunities

Establishing corporate structures

Arranging for assistance with corporate due diligence

Corporate legal administration

Acquiring financial services and advice

Referrals to experts to help with business negotiations, acquisitions, and purchases

WP2PR Canadian Business Visa Advantages

WP2PR Business Visa applicants have many advantages compared to the other business immigration programs:

Get a work permit quickly

Initial work permit processing time is often around 5 to 7 months

Quickly get your Canadian business running

We help guide you in identifying, starting or investing in a suitable business

Fast permanent residency

Eligible investors may be able to apply for PR under Express Entry within months after starting a business

Spouses can work in Canada

Spouses may receive open work permits as well as accompanying dependents

Children can attend Canadian public schools for free (elementary/secondary)

Children may get student visas as accompanying dependents

Access Canada’s excellent healthcare system

Your family becomes eligible for provincial healthcare coverage