Bertha Edward Mkwelele, and the family.

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Express Entry Canada

My family and I would like to personally thank Marshall Dowla and his excellent staff for guiding us through permanent residency application process. It is with great appreciation and our utmost respect for you and your staff that my family and I we give our thanks for all of your hard work and your superb performance of your service to see our immigration process come to a successful conclusion.

I cannot imagine how any other firm could have managed to see our family Permanent Residency – immigration application through all of the twists and turns that often arise in our seldom used and infrequently successful category of immigration law. The complicated process of immigrating was made easy with your help. We recommend you to other people with similar needs. The level of personal input (we were very impressed and extremely happy with the way you and your staff handled our immigration application especially tireless work of Jamie Dowla and Sherri Evers) and response was superb.

You guided us through uncertain aspects with ease and confidence. On top of your firms high standards of professionalism, the patience and general friendliness gave my husband and I total confidence that if we were to be successful, it could only occur with your representation. And more than any of the above.

I also want to thank you for your humanity as the highest compliment – you are true, compassionate Human Beings in this day and age, to us that says everything.