In a recent press release, Immigration Minister Sean Fraser announced changes to Canada's immigration policies that will make it easier for Canadian employers to hire skilled workers from abroad. These changes are crucial when many industries face a shortage of qualified workers.

"We recognize the important contributions that skilled workers make to our economy and communities," Minister Fraser stated. "These changes will help ensure that Canadian employers have access to the talent they need to grow and succeed."

The new policies include several fundamental changes, such as faster processing times for employer-sponsored work permits and an increase in the number of immigration pathways available to foreign workers. Additionally, the government is launching a new digital platform that will allow employers to quickly and easily search for qualified candidates from around the world.

"We want to make it as easy as possible for employers to find the talent they need to succeed," Minister Fraser explained. "By streamlining the application process and providing more options for employers, we are sending a clear message that Canada is open for business and ready to welcome skilled workers from around the world."

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