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    Open Work Permit for Ukrainians

    Public policy to allow Ukrainian nationals and their eligible family members to apply for an Open Work Permit to work in Canada.

    Start and End Dates:

    March 17, 2022 – No end date set


    Ukrainian nationals and family member of a Ukrainian nationals can apply for this public policy. Family members are:

    • spouse or common-law partner;
    • applicant’s dependent child or spouse’s or your common-law partner’s dependent child; or
    • dependent child of a dependent child

    Process for applicants OUTSIDE CANADA

    Applicants abroad who have a valid visitor visa can enter Canada and apply for the work permit from inside Canada.

    Ukrainians who do not have a valid visitor visa must apply for a Canada-Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel (CUAET) and on the same application inform they want to apply for a work permit.

    Those who already applied for a CUAET but not for a work permit can enter Canada, applying for a work permit at the Canadian border or after entering Canada.

    Process for applicants IN CANADA

    Applicants inside Canada can apply for an Open Work Permit through this public policy if they:

    • have a valid status in Canada as visitor, student or worker;
    • applied to maintain their status; or
    • are eligible to restore their status, if expired.

    Application Fees

    Applicants are exempt from the work permit processing fee and open work permit holder fee.

    Those who need to restore their status must pay the restoration fee of $200 CAD.

    Medical Exams

    Ukrainians applying for a work permit through this public policy will be exempt of medical exams in order to have their process expedited. However, they might be restricted to work in certain occupations in healthcare.

    To remove those restrictions, applicants must undergo medical exams within 90 days of arriving in Canada. Once their results are available, they can apply to change the conditions on their work permit. They are also exempt from paying processing fee for the application to change conditions.

    Need assistance with your application? Some Canadian employers are willing to help!

    Submit the form on the link below and we will refer you to our recruitment partners to assist finding Canadian employers willing to support Ukrainian workers.