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    Transportation Industry


    Driving Success: Canada's Immigration Fuels Transportation Sector Growth.

    Canada's transportation industry is a vital component of the country's supply chain, with the trucking sector alone accounting for a substantial 70% of domestic freight transportation. However, the industry is facing challenges, particularly a pressing shortage of qualified drivers, which could impede its ability to meet the growing demand. To address this, the industry is exploring ways to attract skilled professionals, including international recruitment.

    Recognizing the importance of skilled professionals in the transportation sector, Canada has prioritized transportation occupations in its Express Entry program. Starting in 2023, the Canadian government introduced category-based Express Entry draws specifically targeting transportation professionals. This strategic move is aimed at bolstering the sector and filling the gaps created by the ongoing labour shortages. Transportation professionals, ranging from aircraft assemblers to transport truck drivers and air traffic controllers, are encouraged to explore the opportunities presented by the Express Entry system.


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    Advantages:  For transportation professionals eyeing Canada, 2024 is a pivotal year offering a golden opportunity. The Express Entry draws tailored to the transportation sector provide a more accessible pathway, with lower CRS scores compared to regular draws. The industry's market share dominance and growth projections further underscore the potential for professionals to contribute to and thrive in Canada's evolving transportation landscape.

    Opportunities: The Canadian trucking industry's anticipated growth and the focused immigration plan for transportation occupations create unique opportunities. With projections indicating a continued demand for skilled workers, transportation professionals can explore diverse roles within the sector. The government's commitment to strengthening transportation aligns with the evolving landscape, providing a conducive environment for professionals seeking new opportunities.

    Benefits:  Transportation professionals stand to benefit from Canada's commitment to strengthening the industry through targeted immigration initiatives. The Express Entry system, with its specific draws for the transportation sector, streamlines the immigration process for skilled professionals. Access to a diverse talent pool, strategic growth in the industry, and the chance to contribute to sustainability and technological advancements make Canada an attractive destination for professionals in the sector.

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