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    Restaurant Industry


    Culinary Frontiers: Canada's Restaurant Industry and the Road Ahead.

    The Canadian restaurant industry, currently valued at 96.74 billion USD in 2023 and projected to triple by 2029, is witnessing rapid growth, primarily driven by the prevalence of quick-service restaurants responding to the post-pandemic demand for fast and convenient meals. However, this expansion is hindered by significant labor shortages, prompting an increased reliance on international workers to meet staffing needs.

    As the industry navigates these challenges, with 16% of Canadians dining out daily in 2021 and a rising preference for food trucks and cloud kitchens, entrepreneurial opportunities are emerging. Acknowledging the pivotal role of the restaurant sector in the Canadian economy, the government is actively implementing measures to address labor shortages and foster economic and geopolitical stability, envisioning a more optimistic industry outlook by 2025.


    Discover the world of possibilities through diverse hiring in restaurants

    Advantages:  International hiring in the restaurant industry presents numerous advantages. The industry is growing across diverse segments, with quick-service restaurants, cloud kitchens, and full-service restaurant expanding rapidly. The advantages of international hiring include accessing a diverse talent pool, meeting the demand for international cuisine, and leveraging global trends in online meal delivery.

    Opportunities:  The expansion of cloud kitchens is driven by the increasing demand for online meal delivery, with 49.4% of Canadians ordering food online weekly. Full service restaurants are expected to register an annual growth rate of 5.60%, fueled by the multicultural landscape and the popularity of international cuisines. Embracing natural eating trends, with a focus on indigenous ingredients, presents a unique opportunity for operators to appeal to evolving consumer interests.

    Benefits:  By tapping into a global talent pool, your establishment can experience numerous advantages. A diverse workforce brings varied perspectives, enriching your team with creativity and innovation. International hiring allows you to offer an extensive range of culinary options, meeting the diverse tastes and preferences of your customers. Whether it's burgers, sandwiches, or global cuisines, the inclusion of international talent adds an exciting dimension to your menu. Beyond the kitchen, a multicultural staff enhances the overall dining experience, fostering a welcoming atmosphere. In essence, international hiring positions your restaurant to thrive in an evolving culinary landscape, ensuring long-term success and customer satisfaction.

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