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    Hospitality Industry


    The current situation of the Hospitality sector in Canada

    Canada's hospitality sector is currently thriving, experiencing record highs and forecasting significant growth. However, the industry faces a critical challenge of labor shortages. Two-thirds of accommodation businesses consider labor issues a substantial impediment, impacting operations, curtailing expansion plans, and potentially leading to a shortfall of 10,000 workers by 2035. This shortage poses a threat to the industry's resilience and ability to meet growing consumer demand.

    In response to the labor shortages, the Canadian government has implemented temporary measures, allowing employers to hire part of their workforce through the Temporary Foreign Worker program.  Also, to address these gaps, there is a need for a more comprehensive immigration strategy that aligns with the evolving needs of the industry. The government's role is crucial in creating a balanced approach that benefits both the industry and the workforce.


    International Hire as a Solution to the Labour Shortage in Canada

    Advantages:  Hiring international construction workers brings a range of advantages to the industry: 

    • Statistics continue to support retainment of workforce percentage is established through international workers.
    • It's also a solution to the labor shortages, allowing employers to fill crucial positions and sustain business operations.
    • Access to a diverse pool of skilled workers, filling positions that domestic candidates may not be readily available for.

    For foreign workers, it provides an opportunity to contribute to the Canadian economy, gain valuable work experience, and potentially explore paths to permanent residency.

    Benefits:  Employers benefit from international hiring by addressing immediate staffing needs, preventing operational disruptions, and promoting business growth. Foreign workers, on the other hand, gain exposure to a new cultural and professional environment, enhancing their skills and expanding their career opportunities. The potential for pathways to permanent residency further enhances the long-term benefits for both parties.

    Opportunities:  International hiring opens up opportunities for employers to tap into niche markets, cater to evolving consumer preferences, and foster innovation within the industry. For foreign workers, it provides a chance to explore a new country, immerse themselves in a different work culture, and contribute to the dynamic Canadian hospitality landscape. The industry's growth potential and commitment to diversity create a conducive environment for both employers and international workers to thrive.

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