British Columbia reopens and announces BC PNP updates based on the needs of the Province

BC PNP Reopens with new and interesting changes.

Author: Bruno Guerra | | Categories: BC PNP , LMIA , NOC , NOC 2016 , NOC 2021 , NOC Update

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As mentioned in the previous post, the Government of Canada updated the NOC2016 to NOC 2021. After this announcement, the Province of British Columbia has also announced some important updates, especially for skilled immigrants working outside the Metro Vancouver Regional District.

The BC PNP update will benefit skilled and experienced workers, students and entrepreneurs outside the Metro Vancouver Regional District. If you fit in one of these categories and have a job offer outside of Metro Vancouver, you might be eligible for some extra points. The goal is to prioritize and support the needs of the entire British Columbia economy.

Not only thinking about the present needs but in the future of the Province, they have announced eligibility as Skilled Workers for International Post-Graduate students of any field of doctoral level programs and professors working for B.C. universities. “If you have an indeterminate, full-time job offer in B.C., or if you have recently graduated from a Canadian post-secondary institution and have an indeterminate, full-time job offer in B.C., you may be eligible for Skills Immigration. As well, if you have recently completed certain post-graduate degrees from a B.C. university, or if you are a Ph.D. candidate in B.C., you may be eligible for nomination without a job offer.” - Skills Immigration Program Guide.

Another update is on the EMPP, which focuses on skilled refugees. The Province is expanding eligibility to include permanent full-time job offers for skilled occupations.

Good to mention that if your application was received before November 16, 2022, will continue to be processed using NOC 2016. All registrations and applications submitted on or after November 16, 2022, must use NOC 2021.