The OINP, Ontario's provincial program, reopens Tuesday, November 22, 2022.

Another Province updated their Provincial Nominee Program. Ontario is reopening its well-known OINP with good news for skilled foreign workers and international students.

Focusing on the Province's future economy, the Government of ON updates the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program. The updates will give more opportunities to foreign workers, international students, in-demand skilled workers, masters graduates and Ph.D. graduates. But more than that, the level and field of education, where it was completed, intentions of settling outside of the Great Toronto and even earnings history are attributes that will add to applications.

The system works a bit differently than the others; it uses what they call an expression of interest followed by an invitation to an application by the Province. So, "before applying to the streams, you must register an expression of interest to let the OINP know you wish to be invited to apply." 

Once the registration is done, you only need to wait to be invited to apply.

Some interesting scoring factors:

Job Offer: wage

  • $40 per hour or higher: 10 points 
  • Less than $20 per hour: 0 points

Canadian work experience: Earning History

  • $40k or more earnings in a year: 3 points
  • Less than $40k earnings in a year: 0 points

Field of Study

  • STEM/Health (engineering, health, math, computer science) and trades: 12 points
  • All other fields [except arts and humanities] (business and administration, social, legal, education, behavioural science): 6 points
  • Art and Humanities: 0 points

Knowledge of official languages

  • 2 Official Languages: 10 points
  • 1 Official Language: 5 points

Regionalization (Location of the job offer)

  • Northern Ontario: 10 points
  • Areas outside GTA (except Northern Ontario): 8 points
  • Inside GTA: 3 points
  • Toronto: 0 points

It is worth mentioning that an invitation to apply does not guarantee you will receive a certificate of nomination.